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Welcome to Vallis Veg. We’re a small local business, producing fruit, vegetables, and other farm products on our eighteen-acre site in Frome, Somerset. See our box scheme page for details of how you can purchase our products.

The business has been undergoing a period of restructuring while we awaited the result of our planning appeal. This has now been decided in our favour, and so we're aiming to relaunch the business fully in 2014 (including a thorough update of this website - apologies in the meantime if any of the links on it are broken). Until then, you can find out about our products here. If you'd like to join our mailing list (with occasional news about Vallis Veg and other local sustainable food initiatives) please contact us and let us know. We'll keep you posted about new developments with the business as they occur. You might find the information on our planning page and also our blog of interest.

Vallis Veg
Chris Smaje and Cordelia Rowlatt